About Red Rhino Solutions

Loyal. Rare. Dedicated.

Red Rhino Solutions is proud to be a passionate and dedicated team. Owned and run by two Directors, we have a combined 25 years plus of experience at the top of the recruitment and people development space. This doesn’t mean we have our heads stuck in the clouds! Far from it; instead we’re down to earth, straight talking and driven to deliver the best results. We value our excellent reputation with clients and candidates alike and the majority of our clients have chosen to connect with us on an exclusive level as they have experienced first-hand how fantastic it is to have a Rhino on their team!

Many businesses are faced with volatile and evolving market conditions and having the best recruitment and training team like us on your side is invaluable. We bring a diverse collection of talents and expertise to our roles and pride ourselves in being networkers, negotiators and marketers all rolled into one smart company. We have an extensive knowledge and skill base and have built and maintain a significant network of ever evolving contacts and when all is said and done, we offer something that is tremendously rare in this industry. Natural Instinct!

Our specific strengths include:

Recruitment and training expertise

As industry experts, we’ve developed a deep understanding of our sectors. We know where various talent pools lie in relation to different skills and can also apply the right training to further nurture the talent we recruit.


As successful recruiters and trainers, we have acquired finely tuned instincts and understand how to build a talent pipeline, making the most of every opportunity to help you grow your business or find that perfect role.

The correct approach

Many businesses rely on recruiting new staff from their competitors but, since business boundaries are continuously blurring, we think outside of the box to come up with new recruitment and training strategies and pride ourselves on our market awareness and being ahead of the curve. We continuously search for talented people with new skills coming from new industries and locations. Many other recruitment agencies simply overlook these but we see the bigger picture. We work with you to develop and refine strong strategies that search beyond the most obvious candidates and positions currently available.

Resourceful Rhino's

We’re highly proficient when it comes to using technology, including social media and online marketing tools. Our view of recruitment is knowing “how” to target the “right “ talent and ensure that their experience is always seamless and professional as we believe ourselves to be an extension of your business and corporate reputation. When it comes to training, we use the latest state-of-the-art, current training tools and methods to make the most of the talented people we’ve helped you to source.

Networking gurus

Recruiting great people is often compared to matchmaking and we know how to find you that match using decades of finely tuned instincts and experience. We specialise in recruiting high-performing individuals and are committed to unlocking the potential within your organisation by developing and training the best employees we help to recruit.

Red Rhino specialises in recruiting and training across multiple disciplines and industries all over the UK and Ireland. If you’re interested in forming a partnership with us, simply get in touch! In the meantime, our recruitment and training pages provide lots more information about us. Why not take action now to gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to have a rhino on your team?

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